No Path to a Traditional Mortgage? Try Brightpath

When you need more than just another quote,
Brightpath provides the solution.

A Brighter Path to Your New Home

Brightpath provides tailored financing options to help people buy homes when they don’t meet traditional banks’ mortgage lending criteria.

Unlike traditional banks, we work with people who are:

  • Self-employed
  • New to Canada
  • Earning non-traditional sources of income
  • Experiencing credit issues
  • Seeking bridge financing or short-term mortgages

Properties We Mortgage

Single-family residential homes

  • Detached / Townhouses
  • Condo apartments
  • House plus two acres

Rental Properties

  • Single-family
  • Duplex
  • Triplex

Urban Ontario properties only

  • BC coming soon.

Why Private Mortgages?

A private mortgage is a fast, flexible financial tool to help homebuyers or businesses who fall outside the criteria of traditional lenders.

The mortgage rate is typically a little higher, but the conditions are minimal and can help homebuyers solve a temporary problem to secure their desired property until they can move to a mortgage with a traditional lender down the line.

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Our Mortgage Terms

  • 1st mortgage solutions to 80% LTV
  • 2nd mortgage solutions to 75% LTV
  • No minimum or maximum borrowing limits
  • 12 month term(other options available)
  • Interest only payments
  • Open terms
  • Registration allowed in company name

Work with Brightpath

Ask your broker or agent to evaluate Brightpath. Don’t have a broker? Contact us and we can recommend some licensed brokers in your area.

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